Asphalt Pavement Services

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When it comes to asphalt, we have your best interests in mind

When you partner with CACTX® for your asphalt paving projects, be assured that you will be hiring a team that has your best interests in mind. We take nothing for granted and we make sure there is an experienced supervisor with a minimum of 15 years of experience in charge. We guarantee that your project will be of the highest quality and that it will last and look it’s best for years to come. When choosing an asphalt paving provider, there are many questions you should ask before you begin a project. First and foremost concerns the business practices of the company

  1. Is the company financially secure to ensure they will be here tomorrow as well as in the future?
  2. Do they have well-maintained equipment that fits the project you need?
  3. Do they have a list of references?
Questions specific to your project may be:
  1. What type of base construction and asphalt depth will be needed depending on the anticipated weight and traffic loads of the area?
  2. Does the asphalt need to be I-1 or I-2 quality? I -1 is suited for parking lots where a rougher surface withstands a lot of turning wheels as well as constant wear and tear of cars and trucks. I-2 quality is smoother and has a more attractive appeal.

If your pavement just needs a face-lift, our cost-effective solutions can extend the life of your asphalt.

  • Asphalt Excavation Repair
    • If asphalt removal is needed, we will demolish and dispose of the material in an environmentally responsible way.
    • Each section is cut out and inspected before repairs are made. It is often discovered that the reason for the failure was a sub-base issue. If that is the case, we will undercut the weak base support and install a solid stone base for a longer lasting asphalt surface.
    • Since this is often an unknown until the pavement is removed we charge on a per-ton installation basis. This can be budgeted for in the estimating process to help with unplanned expenses. A core sample can also be done to identify the amount of asphalt and stone base prior to removal.
asphalt excavation repair
  • Temporary Skin Patching / Pot-Hole Patching
    • There are times when you only need a temporary “patch”. Temporary skin patching is not meant to be a long-term solution but it may be a way to provide an economical short-term solution.
    • We make sure there is no moisture damage in the surrounding area to make sure the patch will adhere.
    • We level and fill pot-holes and shape symmetrically where possible.
parking lot sweeping cleanup
  • Asphalt Overlay / Resurfacing
    • To save money, an asphalt overlay is sometimes an option that may extend the life of your pavement and give you a brand new surface appearance.
    • The surface is first prepared by removing debris and cleaning the area to be resurfaced.
    • We use an overlay system with adhesives that bind the new material to the old to create a surface that looks as good as new.
sealcoating 2 coats with spray applicator
  • Seal Coating
    • To further protect your investment, your asphalt should be sealed. This offers a first level of protection against damaging UV rays and asphalt degradation. It also will save you money in the long run.

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